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Heading To Florence To Escape The Heat

Welcome to Florence

Welcome to Florence

Oregon is a relatively mild climate and has me accustom to 80 degree summer days. When the humidity increases and the temperature rises to near 90, I find myself searching for an escape from the heat. From Eugene, Florence is about a 60 minute drive through thick forests, winding up the coastal range and passing thru a tunnel down towards the Oregon Coast. The waters of the Pacific Ocean help cool the airmass nearly 10 to 20 degrees, while the coastal range helps keep the cooler air along the coastal cities. The cooler air and steady breeze are a welcome relief from the inland heat once you arrive. Taking a deep breath of the coastal air invigorates the senses and has you ready to enjoy the many Oregon coast attractions.

Directions: From Eugene take highway 126 west until Florence. Get Direction to Florence, OR

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