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Small Mouth Bass Fishing On The Umpqua River

Fishing on the Umpqua River

Fishing on the Umpqua River

For the weekend we planned to drive down to Elkton Oregon for an exciting day of small mouth bass fishing on the Umpqua River. With our fishing poles, tackle box, worms and snacks in the car we were ready for the morning drive.

The Umpqua River provides year round fishing; however, the later summer months really heat up and provide the best opportunity. Fishing can be done from the large flat rocks that line the banks or can be floated to hit the best pockets that aren’t as heavily fished. While fishing on the Umpqua be sure to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the wildlife.

Our trip was short but we enjoyed landing more fish than we could keep track of. The weather was perfect and the steady breeze along the river kept us cool while sitting in the summer sun.

Directions: From Eugene, Elkton is about an hour drive. Head south on I-5 to highway 38 and continue east to Elkton. Take a left on highway 138 and head south. Turn right onto Bullock Rd for river access.

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  1. The Umpqua is great for year round fishing! Nice catch.

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