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Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area

Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area

Dean Creek | Elk Viewing Area

Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area is a convenient stop along hwy 38 near Reedsport, Oregon. On our last visit to the Oregon Coast we were passing through the area about an hour before dusk and had the perfect opportunity to view several herds of elk up close. They had come out of the deep woods to graze the pastures and get a refreshing drink before receding back into cover for the evening. We were able to take several pictures and stand only 30 feet away from these beautiful animals. Fortunately a fence separates the heard from visitors but don’t get too comfortable the fence is just a speed bump for the large animals. If they want over, they’ll get over.

The viewing area provides plenty of parking, vistor information and bathrooms so its a perfect stop before getting back on the road again. We stopped for 15 minutes, took plenty of photos and were back on our way.

Directions: From Reedsport take highway 38 east for approximately three miles. Get Direction to Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area

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