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Exploring Salt Creek Falls Area

Salt Creek Falls is located 62 miles east of Eugene, Oregon and offers beautiful views, hiking trails, picnic tables and more. In the winter the area is great for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

The short video takes you on a tour of Salt Creek Falls, the nearby trail system and the less visited Diamond Creek Falls.


Salt Creek Falls

A view of Salt Creek Falls on a foggy October morning. Hours later it cleared up to be a beautiful day in the Willamette National Forest.

Salt Creek Falls Trail

Salt Creek Falls Trail - Leads from the lookout to the base of the falls, some 286-feet below. The hike down is less than a 1/2 mile and provides great photo opportunities.

Diamond Creek Falls Trail

Diamond Creek Falls Trail begins here. Diamond Creek Falls is a 1.5 mile hike from the bridge for a total round-trip of 3 miles. The trail splits into two directions after the bridge, either way will take you to Diamond Creek Falls. Fall Creek Falls and Vivian lake are options for those looking for a more challenging hike.

Narrow Path to Lower Diamond Creek Falls

Narrow Path – The trail leading to base of Diamond Creek Falls has some log stairs and narrow sections. Use caution if bringing children down here. Diamond Creek Falls can be viewed from a lookout but heading to the base of the falls is a great experience.

Base of Diamond Creek Falls

The base of Diamond Creek Falls is perfect for taking a break and enjoying the breathtaking scenery around you. Lush forest, crystal clear water and the sound of Diamond Creek rushing down the jagged basalt drop off is a unique experience for your senses.

Diamond Creek Falls

Diamond Creek Falls – By the time we made it to the base of Diamond Creek Falls the overcast sky’s gave way to a beautiful October afternoon in Oregon. We took about a 15 minute break sitting on the rocks, taking pictures and enjoying the gorgeous waterfalls at our fingertips.

Diamond Creek

A picture of Diamond Creek with the falls at our backs. We began the 1.5 mile hike back, crossing over the creek and heading back to the Diamond Creek Loop Trail.

Salt Creek Viewpoint

Salt Creek Trail Viewpoint – On the way back to the Salt Creek Falls parking area, some of the lookouts you stumble across are absolutely gorgeous. With fog in the morning to nearly perfectly blue skies by 2 p.m., this was turning out to be a fantastic day. The evergreen trees, blue sky and fall leaves dabbled in made this site truly amazing.

Too Much Bear Lake

Too Much Bear Lake was the last stop on our 3 mile hike. We didn’t see any bears but the reflection in the clear water was a site to see. About a 1/2 mile hike from the Salt Creek Falls parking area this lake offers great photo opportunities and nearby overlooks of the Salt Creek Canyon.

Wrapping Up Our Trip – We spent about four hours exploring the Salt Creek / Diamond Creek Falls area and loved every minute of it. All in all we hiked about four miles, took about 100 picture and shared even more smiles. The sites were gorgeous, the weather perfect, we couldn’t have asked for a better day. Have questions or want to share you experience? Leave comments and use the buttons below to share with your friends and loved ones.

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