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Tom McCall Nature Preserve

Tom McCall Nature Preserve is located 11 miles east of Hood River, Oregon. Step away from the everyday stresses of life and rejuvenate your soul with all the beauty that surrounds you. Take in the scenery of the snow capped mountains, the winding Columbia River and the magnificent plateaus. More than 200 plant species live here including grass widows, prairie stars, shooting stars, balsamroot, lupine and Indian paintbrush. Enjoy hiking, wildlife, picnics and all of the beauty the preserve as to offer. Dogs, campfires, camping, bicycles or motorized vehicles are not allowed at the park. Tom McCall Nature Preserve is home to rare bird species and plant life so special rules are enforced. Please be careful of rattlesnakes, poison ivy and ticks. Guided hikes are available for larger groups. Make sure to bring a camera with you, the beautiful scenery around you will be something you want to share.

The Dalles, Oregon, 97058, US
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